Friday, February 05, 2010

Hey Buddy, Can You Spare a Quarter?

There are just some things that you don't expect to have to deal with in middle school. Little kid things like frequent barfing, skinned knees, and potty accidents, and all that little kid stuff that the elementary teachers deal with (bless them!) on a regular basis. We're used to dealing with the more dramatic middle school stuff like boy/girl drama, body odor, and girls having to see the nurse because their "friend" arrived and they aren't prepared.

So I was a bit surprised when Skater Goober (why is it always Skatter Goober?) came running up to me in a panic between class changes.

"Mrs. Bluebird," he gasped. "You know Shaggy Boy?" he asked breathlessly.

"Um, yeah, he's in your class," I reminded him.

"Oh, yeah. Well anyhow he was throwing a quarter around and he tossed it at me, it flew in my mouth and I swallowed it and now it feels like it's stuck and OH MY GOSH, I SWALLOWED A QUARTER!" His eyes are wildly spinning around and he's bouncing up and down on his toes by this point.

Oh. Good. Gracious.

"You opened your mouth and swallowed a quarter?" I asked, just wanting to make sure I heard right.

"Um, yeah. Do you think I'm going to be okay?" he asked. "I mean, OHMIGOD, I SWALLOWED A QUARTER!"

"You'll probably be fine and I'm sure it's uncomfortable, so I'm sending you to the nurse," I told him. I went back to my room, grabbed the nurse form, filled it out with the description of "swallowed a quarter," and sent him on his way. I wonder what our new nurse is going to think about this latest adventure?

Mrs. Social Studies, who had Skater Goober the next period looked at me. "Where's Skater Goober going in such a hurry?"

"I'm sending him to the nurse. He swallowed a quarter." I then filled her in on the story because, like me, she was having a hard time keeping a straight face.

Poor Skater Goober. The nurse called Dad who came and picked him up a few minutes later. Considering that Mom and Dad are, again, at their wits' end with this kid, I'm sure this whole adventure was just icing on the cake.

I just hope he doesn't keep the quarter as a souvenir.

6 comments: said...

Our daughter, when 15 months, swallowed a penny. We called the doctor and he said to just make sure it exited on the other end. That was a fun time. It all came out just fine as I'm sure Skater Goober's will too.

R2P2 said...

Oh mercy! If he's anything like my brothers were at that age, I'm sure he's keeping that quarter. haha!

The Bus Driver said...

LOL instant change machine!

Kelly said...

Hahahaha. That is exactly something I would expect to deal with in Kindergarten, not middle school. Though it would probably be a lego piece and if it was a quarter, they'd probably call it a penny haha

Unknown said...

I can't stop laughing! Only because I find myself saying things that I should not have to say. but well I teach kindergarten so I think it's okay.

bun2bon said...

awesome story! XD goober is a perfect name for a kid who is tall enough to ride the height-limit roller coasters AND talented enough to accidentally swallow a quarter.