Monday, February 01, 2010

Enough Already

The District builds three snow days into our calendar.

We used two of them right after we returned to school in early January.

We used our third on Friday.

Our fourth was today.

And the fifth will be tomorrow as they just canceled school again for Tuesday.

At this rate, we'll be going into the middle of June.

And you know, you just know, that they won't reschedule The Very Big Deal Government Mandated Tests even if we do miss instructional time due to the weather....



kherbert said...

Last year we had major flooding in Houston on one of the TAKS test. My district was not affected, but several districts had to reschedule.

I live in the area of the worse of the storm and lost part of my roof. My principal was very nice about making arrangements so I could stay home and get it fixed.

Theresa Milstein said...

How frustrating! I hope the rest of the winter is kinder to your area.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're back soon. We went back today and it was risky. The side streets are ice-covered. I would have liked to had a late start.

Yellow rose said...

My sister has a similar situation over near Oklahoma City. With twin boys five years old and a daughter who turned ten today, I think she almost viewed her visit to the dentist yesterday as a relief!

Darren said...

In my district we have one more week of school, and then get off for Ski Week! Officially it's Presidents Week, but I know the real reason :-)