Tuesday, November 03, 2009


I hate having a cold.

Flu (not N1H1, just your normal garden variety flu) swept through the building in September and I didn't get a thing.

But now? A nasty icky cold that feels like a cross between allergies from hell and bronchitis.



Ms Characterized said...

Hope you feel better soon! Stay home as long as you can. You'll need that energy for when you return.

Dan Edwards said...

Vit. C, Zinc, echinacea, rest. Get Well Soon !

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Hope you feel better. I had a cold already this semester in mid October of all times. I did get the regular flu shot as well this year so hopefully I'll be OK this year.

HappyChyck said...

What Polski said. And some Airborne. And hot tea. And some rented videos you never have time to watch. REST!

Darren said...

The folks who make Airborne have been compelled by a court to refund hundreds of thousands of dollars because the product doesn't work outside of the placebo effect. Save your money.

As for being sick, perhaps I should be thankful that I only have pink eye.