Sunday, November 29, 2009

Avoiding the Inevitable

It's the last day of my Thanksgiving Break. Daddy is here, it's raining outside, and there's football on television.

And I have three periods of writing prompts which I should be grading.

But I don't really feel motivated to do so.


As much as I like to read, and write, I could never have been a language arts teacher. They have my utmost respect for slogging through essay after essay after essay. It's bad enough that we have to assign, and grade for content, one writing assignment every nine weeks. I could not have done it on a regular basis.

So I have these writing prompts dealing with pollination, some of which are quite good and some of which - let's be honest - are awful.

Putting a needle in your eye awful.

And I really need to get them graded. But honestly, I'd rather hang with Dad, knit and watch football.

What's a girl to do?


Elizabeth said...

I probably shouldn't have been a language arts teacher either, but I am. ;) I am procrastinating on my own essay grading today.

Anonymous said...

I for hanging wit your dad, knitting and watching football.

Mister Teacher said...

I know it. We should be happy to have just had a nice long break, but instead we're miserable because we have to go back to school tomorrow!
At least I got all of my grading and lesson plans out of the way at the beginning of the week. ;)

teachergirl said...

I should be grading the same stupid essays. I started yesterday, but they were so boring and awful, I just put them down. Everyone is gone - free Miley Cyrus tickets - and I am almost ready for tomorrow, so I just need to do it. Besides, the boredom will help me sleep! Fifteen school days until Christmas!!

Dragonrider said...

I vote for hanging with Dad! There will always be papers...perhaps you could have them grade their own for a bonus! Give them a rubric, have them mark it, give the paper and another rubric to another student, etc. Hmmm...I may try this.

ms-teacher said...

Maybe a compromise is in order - grade ten and call it a day. At least you would have started on them :)