Monday, August 25, 2008

Thankyew, Thankyewverymuch

As I sit here, head full of snot and with scratchy throat, I've discovered two of my blogging compatriots have seen fit to bestow upon me a blog award. Now, I love awards, especially those that are glittery and sparkly, so this is very cool. The guilty parties are Mr. Teacher (who I am going to adopt and pass off as my very smart and articulate son, especially as he's written the most hilarious book on earth and you all should buy it), and Melissa, the Scholastic Scribe (who's a Jane Austen fan and that puts her at the top of my list without even breaking a sweat.) Thanks you two...

Now, I'm supposed to add a picture of this little award, but blogger is being stupid and it won't let me add any pictures at all - even adorable ones of my adorable cats being adorable.

So I'm miffed.

However, I'm supposed to share the love, but I'm still so wacked out on Nyquil I can't maybe later.

Anyhow...I'm flattered.


ms-teacher said...

It is a well-deserved award! Congrats :)

Mister Teacher said...

Thanks, "mom!" Glad you liked the book. :)