Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why Some Kids Don't Need a Pencil Pouch

Three days down on the first full week and I'm beginning to get to know my kids. This is pretty amazing because there's a big difference in learning 24 names as opposed to 32. It doesn't sound like that big of a jump, but when it's 12-year old bodies and they're crammed to the walls in your room, it can be a challenge. There are times it reminds me of the mosh pit at The Palace in Hollywood years ago in my college days. I'm lucky I remember my name by the end of the day.

So today one of my kids, Big Haired Boy, is up at my desk and I'm checking off that he has turned in his signed-by-a-parent science lab safety sheet. Now Big Haired Boy has really big hair. Really. Big. Hair. His head is a mass of tight blond curls and it's huge. You can't miss this kid in a crowd. And he's a really nice kid from what I can tell.

So he's standing there while I'm doing my thing, and beside him is another kid waiting his turn. The other kid is looking around and begins to stare intently at Big Haired Boy's head. It is, after all, truly a work of art.

"Dude," he says, "You've got pencils in there."

"Oh yeah," says Big Haired Boy, "That's where I keep them."

And people wonder why I do this???



Sarah said...

Stylish AND cheaper! Smart!

Sarah said...

That's hilarious!!

The Bus Driver said...

hahahaha kids say the darndest things.