Monday, June 11, 2007

If you fry it, they will come.

Yesterday Momma Bird, along with some close family friends, and I went to the San Diego County Fair, also known as the Del Mar fair as it happens to be at the Del Mar Race Track.

Honestly, if you live anywhere near here, this is worth going to. Talk about fun, fun, fun! Then again, I'm the kind of dork that loves state and county fairs.

And this county fair is bigger than any state fair I've been to. Honest.

We probably only saw, maybe, a third of what was there. We went through a few of the vendor buildings (I'm not much of a shopper so this isn't something I'd do much of), spent a lot of time going through the garden exhibits and the plant and flower building, went and petted cute farm animals in the agriculture building, checked out the entries in the knitting categories in the Home and Hobby Building, and watched a great show by a hypnotist.

And of course we ate.

I'm always amazed at the food you find at fairs. It's also the kind of day where you just toss the diet out the window because goodness knows, you won't see some of this again until the next year's fair. Which could be a good thing.

We started off with BBQ beef sandwiches on huge, monstrous sourdough rolls. Then ice cream. And mom and I split a cinnamon roll (her's are still better), and then fried zucchini which is one of my favorite foods. Others in our party indulged in chocolate malts, artichokes, and ice cream bars. I was tempted by the roasted corn, but I'd just made some the night before so I passed. I also decided not to take a leap and try the rattlenake chili. Maybe if they'd had small samples, but I wasn't in the mood to shell out the cash for something I wasn't too sure I'd like.

One thing we noticed is that there seems to be a competition between the food vendors for who can deep fry the strangest things. There were deep fried oreos, snickers bars, every veggie known to man (asparagus sounded interesting), and the usual corn dogs, fries, onions, and more. One of the new ones this year was deep friend avacados and tomatoes, which a gentleman we shared a table with informed me were actually quite good, although a tad gooey. Another one that struck me as beyond strange was the deep friend cola. Apparently they deep fry strands of batter, which are then placed in cups (and they look like worms) and then they pour the cola syrup on top and cap it off with whipped cream. Ick. To top it off you could have a fried chicken sandwich, but instead of bread or a bun, it is placed in between two Krispy Kreme donuts and, you guessed it, fried.



Princess Lionhead said...

Wow!! How fun!! I've actually had deep fried oreo, snickers and twinkies, when we still lived Down South!! So rich, but oh so good!! I've also eaten deep fried mashed potatoes, which are good. And Rob has heard of the deep fried coke and wants to try it. But the chicken sandwich thing sounds insane!

Teacha said...

You sure weren't visiting a fair down here in the South. We fry everything--pickles are my favorite. Don't doubt how good those fried snickers are, either!

mr. e said...

The last fried dish you mentioned provoked a jaw drop in me. Here in the midwest, we don't fry everything yet, although fried pickles are a favorite.