Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Here Kitty, Kitty...Not

Momma Bird, who will be 70 in September, is very good at taking care of herself. She eats right (a lot of organics), she's active, and she walks a lot. She doesn't look, or act her age.

She has three walks around her neighborhood that she takes. There's the flat walk, the in the middle (one big hill) walk, and the hilly walk. Today we decide to talk the hilly walk which meanders out of her subdivision and into the chapparall that circles it. It looks like the set of a western and you half expect John Wayne to come riding out from behind a big boulder. It's lined with yucca trees, manzanita trees, shurbs, and a lot of very neat desert native type of plants. It is gorgeous in its own unique way.

As we start off on our walk Momma casually mentions that "there's just a few things to be concerned about on this walk, like snakes. And somtimes a mountain lion."

Okay, we had a snake in her roses a day or so ago, no big deal. But a mountain lion?

Good gracious. That's a far cry from worrying that the deer are eating your shrubs.

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