Sunday, February 18, 2007

Wow! I'm a Thinking Blogger (And All This Time I Thought I Was Just Whining in Cyberspace!)

First off, I'm just astounded that anyone actually reads this blog outside of the few friends who suggested I start one because my emails about life in public education were, in their words, so amusing. However, one of the bloggers that makes me think, Mrs. T over at La Chucheria, nominated me as a Blogger that Makes You Think. This just blows my mind because I just get out there and ramble with no purpose outside of perhaps keeping my sanity. I'm glad that others out there in cyberspace find it food for thought, so to speak.

Now my job is to list five blogs that make me think, which really would be quite easy except many of them have already been tagged. For example, the Education Wonks never fail to give me something worth reading and is also the home of the Education Carnival. Then there's Happy Chyck Wonders, with her absolutely fantastic writing, Elementary History Teacher (and I thought I knew history until I started reading her blog and learned a lot more), and, of course, A Shrewdness of Apes who has written posts that made me want to cheer she hits the nail on the head so often. And then there's California Teacher Guy who reminds me, often, about why we do this. And besides, I grew up in California so he reminds me of home.

That being said, here are five that I adore to read and who make me think (and who haven't, I hope, been tagged yet).

1. Leesapea at But Wait, There's More, is one of my all time favorite blogs and it's not just because she's a fellow middle school teacher. Anyone who can quote song lyrics and titles like she does is just plain amazing in my book. Besides, you can actually see her "squirrels", she describes them so vividly. She gives me ideas all the time on things I may want to try with my own squirrels.

2. Epiphany in Baltimore is another blog that makes me think. High School English teacher, single guy, and misguided Detroit Tigers fan (just had to get that dig in there), his blog makes me think, partially because he's on the opposite side of the political spectrum from me, and he works with the at-risk kids that I see more and more of.

3. Darren at Right on the Left Coast never, ever fails to give me information (and links to more information) about politics, education, and just plain crazy stuff. He updates frequently (bless is heart) and is one of bloggers I love to read. He also reminds me why I left the Left Coast.

4. The Science Goddess at What It's Like on the Inside, is another must read blog. She amuses, educates and entertains all at once. One day it's a funny story about her classroom, the next she's musing about educational strategies. It's worth reading.

5. Christopher over at Death By Children isn't a teacher, but a stay-at-home Dad and his posts are the kind that can leave you doubling over in laughter and at the same time thinking about just what happens to all our squirrels and critters when they leave our classrooms at the end of the day and go home. Honestly, I wish there were more Dads out there like Chris! He makes me realize that the craziness our kids exhibit in our classrooms continues right on home!

Congratulations all of you! And thanks, Mrs. T!


Anonymous said...

Gee whiz, teach! Thank you for the nomination! Hey, you should check out for more people with their head on fire--and also for their upcoming WEEKLY CHALLENGE to be hosted by yours truly.

Your blog rocks!

Darren said...

Thank you.

leesepea said...

Wow, I'm flattered!

Thanks so much!

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Thank you for mentioning me! I found it extremely difficult to limit my nominations to only five. There are so many good bloggers "out there," yours among them.

Mrs. T said...

You are quite welcome, and more importantly, very deserving. I am anxious to check out your picks!