Thursday, February 08, 2007

Rudeboy gets his comeuppance

Rudeboy is most likely one of the rudest, most unlikeable kids we've ever had in our classrooms. He's huge...if you saw him walking in the mall, you'd think he was probably in high school, not seventh grade. He has to be well over 6' tall and he's just turned 13. He has a weight problem as well, and the corresponding health issues. You want to feel sorry for him, but it's nearly impossible to do so.

Sadly, he's also lazy, sneaky, and just plain mean. I've never seen a kid who can blatantly lie like this one. You can watch him walk across a classroom and see him slap a kid on the back of the head and he will deny it until the cows come home, and call you a liar in the meantime. He'll even deny it when the security tape shows him doing it. He will argue, yell out, and generally disrupt your class if he feels like it. His usual tactic will be to scream, "So and So's picking on me!", right in the middle of a lesson. He will run to an administrator every day to complain about a student picking on him, a teacher picking on him, a janitor picking on him, you name it.

However, that being said, this is the same kid who will walk down the hall and yell vulgarities at other students, call them names, threaten them, kick them while they're at their locker, so on and so forth. He's the classic case of the kid who got bullied so much he's turned into the biggest one on the block. I caught him doing it - again - on the way back from lunch on Monday and, amazingly enough he even admitted it. I said, for what seems like the 100th time, that I don't understand why he will complain about people teasing him and then he does the same thing to other kids. He then said he never complained about other students, which was kind of ironic as he'd written another formal complaint against one of them that morning. He is mean, and vicious, and the kids are somewhat intimated by him.

Today he was, as usual, upset with everyone and was running off his mouth, calling names, and being his usual unpleasant self. Mr. Social Studies and I were watching the kids in the hallway in between classes when we noticed an uproar across the circle by a drinking fountain and heard, "fight!". We took off and found Rudeboy sobbing and blubbering in a corner, with a gash across his head. Mr. Social Studies took him to the nurse while I got the name of the other kid from the witnesses, got him out of math, sent him to guidance, and got an administrator. Fortunately Mrs. Language watched my kids as well as Mr. Social Studies' kids while this was going on.

So what happened? (Thank goodness for security cameras.) It appears that Rudeboy mouthed off to the wrong kid, one with a cast on his arm. Rudeboy chases him down, most likely to make more rude and snotty comments, and the other kid got fed up and clocked him with the cast, thereby cutting open Rudeboy's head.

The fact that Castboy is half of Rudeboy's size made it a little more interesting.

Hopefully, Rudeboy will learn something from this, although I doubt it. I'm sure he'll come back from his suspension as rude and mean as he was before.


Anonymous said...

Yea for "Cast" away!

Ryan said...

There are kids who come across like that even in 1st grade. We do our best to teach them common courtesy, but in the back of your mind you're thinking, "You know, someone's going to knock you on your ass someday, and I'd really like to be there to see it."

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

I hate to see anyone get clobbered, but maybe this experience will help knock some sense into Rudeboy's head. Maybe.