Monday, January 29, 2007

The After School Gum Scraping Club

Apparently the 8th graders have lost their minds and decided that the "absolutely no gum allowed" rule does not apply to them. Everything from chomping like bovines to blowing bubbles has surfaced and the 8th grade teachers decided to lay down the law and write referrals. I think the final straw had to do with Mrs. Cool and a certain gooey substance on the bottom of her shoe - not a good thing by any measure.

Mr. Enforcer is a firm believer in having punishments fit the crime. Consequently we now have the After School Gum Scraping Club.

Teams of students are given rubber gloves and putty knives and are responsible for scraping gum (and other debris) from underneath desks and chairs for an hour after school.

We have an old building. With old furniture. And years of accumulated gum and other substances. We can keep them busy for days.

It is, in the words of the kids who cleaned up my room, "truly disgusting." Apparently three of them went into one of the sixth grade rooms today and only managed, in one hour, to clean two rows of desks it was so bad.

Mr. Enforcer reports that one of the scrapers swore he'd never chew gum again. "There's gum, gummie bears and boogers under there!"

Yup, truly disgusting.


The Science Goddess said...

A gum chewing girl (boy) and a cud chewing cow

Are somewhat alike...but yet different somehow.

Oh, what is the difference?

Yes, I see now.

It's the thoughtful expression on the face of the cow.

Mrs. T said...

A teacher friend of mine used to make offending chewers spit their gum into a communal mayonaise jar she kept in her drawer just for that purpose. It was like a gum latrine. Ewww! She had few repeat offenders.

EHT said...

I'm sure if we tried anything like that we'd have complaints about putting the students to work. We tried to have a young man who continually threw food in the floor assist the janitor when it was time to clean up his mess. Gee, you would have thought we asked him to lick it up instead of sweep it up.