Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 Out with a Crash!

Mr. Bluebird and I went over to our friends' the Littlebirds for New Years. We spend a lot of holidays with the Littlebrids, probably because none of us have any family locally. (Poppa Bluebird already went home, about three hours away, after spending most of Christmas week with us). In any case, these evenings tend to be a whole lot of fun. We eat, we play board games (Scattegories and Scene It were the two we played last night), and we just have a lot of laughs and a grand time.

Of course Mr. Bluebird and I had to start the evening out by hitting a deer in my precious Saturn.

We were driving along a rather busy road, heading to the Littlebird's, when a deer just appeared out of nowhere. Mr. Bluebird braked, we bumped the deer, and we pulled over and stopped to check the damage. The hood was dented and the bumber, which is fiberglass was cracked. Nothing else appeared to be wrong - lights were fine, the car ran fine, in fact it wasn't as bad as it could be.

Like the time Mr. Bluebird hit a deer and the airbags deployed and the insurance company totalled his van...

The best we can determine that deer had come charging out from between two houses and just ran in front of us. Considering the traffic on that street, it's amazing more cars didn't get involved when we had to hit the brakes.

So, we got to the Littlebird's, I called the police to do a police report (my insurance company likes police reports), and called the insurance company.

What a way to end 2006!


HappyChyck said...

Sorry 2006 went out with a bang! I hate it when those deer don't know they are running around in the wrong neighborhood! Anyway, have a great new year!

EHT said...

Ya'll are so very lucky, you know. We've had a few people in my area get killed because of deer collisions.

Mrs. T said...

What a way to say goodbye to '06! So sorry, but also so glad to hear it wasn't worse.