Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Why I Hate August

When I was a little tyke going to school out in Southern California we started school around my mother's birthday which is September 23rd. I always thought this was a pretty good deal, even if it meant we didn't get out of school until mid-June. After all, the real meat (and heat) of summer is July and August and we had that time off to go to the beach, cool off in the pool, whatever.

However, since I've relocated, first to the Midwest, then to the Glorious South, I've discovered that school starts much earlier. My friends up North will start this next week, and, as you know, we started last week. There are districts nearby who started even earlier. (And the public isn't necessarily happy with this judging from the local letters to the editor.)

So here it is, with temperatures in the 90's, heat indexes in the triple digits, and we're holding school.

And the new air conditioning unit is not working.


But of course, this time it's only affecting ten classrooms. Can you guess who has one of these classrooms? I'm sure you can! Mr. Social Studies and I noticed this morning that the rooms were stuffy and no air was blowing. We've noticed that they turned the air off over the weekend, and thought maybe it was on a cycle that turned off at night and kicked in the next day. However, by 8:30 we realized that it was definitely not going to kick on.

By 10:30 the kids are sleepy, whiny, fanning themselves with folders, and generally acting grumpy.

At 12:30 Mr. Enforcer comes by and tells us two fans and motors have blown and they're ordering parts.

At 2:05 The Principal announces that it probably won't get fixed until late tomorrow so "dress comfortably".

Oh whooooppee.


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Oh, my I am sorry about that air conditioning! There should be no excuses for not having A/C when the temperature is still in the hell range.

Really? You didn't go back to school in Southern California until mid-September? Wow! We're heading back to the classrooms next Monday--and a neighboring district started yesterday!

Mrs. T said...

We're pretty much all over the map with start dates- "balanced calendar" and all. That totally sucks about the a/c. How on earth can the kids even think about school when they are at Sweatfest?
Stay hydrated! And by that, I mean, Go home at the end of the day and have a nice, icy margarita!

Mrs. Bluebird said...

Mrs. T, I love your suggestion!

HappyChyck said...

I chuckled over what "dress comfortably" might look like. When I was without AC in my classroom, I wanted to show up in things chicks with hips like me should not wear in public. In fact, all of us chicks with hips were threatening to come in Daisy Dukes and prance around in front of the repair men until they were scared into getting it fixed ASAP!

Is it me, or are these stories of failed AC in classrooms becoming as common as stories of students who have amusing excuses for not doing their homework!!?!?