Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Infirmary

We're in the process of collecting all the dreaded back to school forms...the emergency cards, the student information sheets, the free and reduced lunch applications, the science lab rules, the health information form, and on and on and on. I absolutely hate this part of teaching. I feel like all I do is collect paper all morning long. It drives me nuts and I'm sure the parents are sick of signing things, most of which I know they're not even reading.


Each of us usually puts together a list of kids with medical issues for our homeroom and share with the rest of the team. It's a nice resouce to keep so you know there's a kid that may need some special consideration or you may need to watch out for something (I'm particularly vigilant about the dreaded peanut allergy since so much of the substances we work with in science class involve food). Usually this list, for a team of about 130 kids, is maybe 2-5 kids long.

Mrs. Reading got her list together and gave it to us at lunch.

Her list had nine names on it. Nine!

We had asthma, ADD, ADHD, seizures, and some stuff we've never heard of. Thank goodness The Nurse was there to help translate some of these. What's frightening is I haven't even put my list together yet and I know, just from glancing at some of the forms, that I have at least one on meds for ADHD, two with inhalers for asthma, and one with cerebral palsy (who rides a scooter). Some of the other teachers on the team said they were noticing awful high numbers of kids with medical conditions as well.

Last year I didn't have a single kid in my homeroom with a medical issue, so this is a huge jump. The team overall looks to have about 20+ kids with some kind of medical thing going on.

Good this a sick bunch of kids or what?

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