Tuesday, May 23, 2006

One Contented Kitty

It's summer.

And I'm free, sorta.

It seems like I've pretty much scheduled out my summer already. I've got about 5 days of an inservice to go to on water education, then up North to do two weeks of summer camp, and then finals and the end (at freaking last) of my grad school experience, and then back to school.

And in between all that I have to figure out some way to get a zillion and one home remodeling/repair projects done.

But I can sleep in (which, for me, is 6:30 am, considering that I'm up at 4:45 during the school year), take long walks for exercise (which I actually like), read, knit, do sudoku, and hang out with huppy and my adorable felines.

I've had a number of you ask if I plan to continue blogging over the summer and I suppose I will, although, in all honesty, summer is a lot less entertaining! No crazy kids to yabber about, no wack job parents, no insanity. I guess you'll be subject to tales of me and my yardwork.

Go ahead and yawn.


Anonymous said...

You have to blog during the summer. How else are we supposed to entertain ourselves, if we do not have your blog to read!!!

Oh--What the heck is a huppy???

Mrs. Bluebird said...

LOL! A hubby when I don't proofread!!!

Anonymous said...

I like huppy better!