Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Career Opportunities - Not!

Ya'll remember Miss So Fine and her, ahem, wardrobe problems? She's the one who's mother spends a fortune on clothes usually found on streetwalkers or in really tacky hip hop and rap videos. Skin tight, low cut, high cut, revealing, you name it, if it's slutty or tacky, this kid comes to school in it. I've lost track of the times she's been sent up to ISS because of school dress code violations. We've had numerous meetings with The Mother about her clothes, kindly suggested that she wear clothing more appropriate for a thirteen year old, but to no avail. Then again, mom dresses the same way. And The Mother is a lunatic.


The other day Mr. Social Studies is doing his thing and discussing career opportunities with the kids. You know, the old "you better start thinking about your future and here's some ideas for careers you may be interested in" talk. And the kids are responding, talking about jobs they might be interested in (including the ever popular skateboard star and video game tester). And Miss So Fine raises her hand (which in itself is cause for celebration because she's usually completely incapable of following any sort of classroom rule, including something as simple as raising her hand and waiting to be called upon). Mr. Social Studies, astounded that she's actually - gasp - behaving herself, calls on her.

"Well, prostitution is legal in Nevada."

The class goes silent. Mr. Social Studies goes silent. And then changes the conversation to something a little less, well, provocative.

It makes you wonder what dinnertime conversations are like with that family.

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