Friday, March 17, 2006

Fabio Returns!

Fabio slunk back today.

I didn't see him until 3rd period but apparently he batted his eyes and tried to charm his way back into second period without much luck. He landed in my room and I informed him of his new seat (one of my isolation seats) which is somewhere where, hopefully, he can't torment any other students and won't be constantly upstaging everyone and everything. He wasn't happy. He slunk off without a word.

And yes, his hair was short, and he was wearing normal (loose) boys jeans (no more girl jeans for him) and had a pale blue and red striped shirt. He looked, amazingly enough, like a normal 13 year old boy.

That was, of course, until he snuck out of the lunch line and went to the PTO room to pay $2 to get his hair spiked with green hair gel (a St. Patrick's Day fundraiser).


And if that wasn't enough, we were busy trying to squash the rumor mill (started by his very own girlfriend) that Fabio was going to be a Daddy. Apparently she was "late", fainted in 6th period yesterday, informed everyone that she and Fabio "did it" and she was sure a gerb was on the way. Thankfully, mother nature intervened and realized that these two children didn't need to breed, and Fabio's princess started her period this morning.

My one thought upon hearing this was that if Fabio's father gets wind of this, Fabio will be having more than his hair cut off.

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