Friday, March 17, 2006

Dude, got some green?

It astounds me what a middle schooler will spend money on.

We have a student in the building who's been in critical care and seriously ill which is having, as you can well imagine, a bit of a financial impact on her family. Our PTO ladies decided that they could have a quick fundraiser by offering a St. Patrick's Day "Green Day" where they'd offer services such as hair gelling, hair spraying, green fingernail polish, shamrock temporary tattoos and the like. Prices were all to be under $2.00. They scheduled two hours for each grade, and it was up to the teacher's to decide if a kid was good enough to go. (That want something, they'll be angels - see my microscope posts for proof).

In any case, the kids went absolutely nuts and the PTO room was packed all day long. I have no idea how much money they raised but there were hardly any kids in the entire building that didn't have green hair, nails, or tattoos. You give a middle schooler a chance to spend money on something as stupid as putting green gel in hair, and they'll be plopping the bills down faster than you can say "Hand it over!"

Of couse, we teachers had to get involved because the PTO made it free for teachers (yet we all managed to toss some money into the collection box) and even had a breakfast there for us. Mrs. Eagle and I went in and had our hair sprayed green and our nails painted. The kids, of course, just loved it.

When you teach middle school you sometimes just have to swallow your pride and do something to look goofy.

I do, however, look stunning in green hair.

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!


Anonymous said...

St. Patrick's day? I thought you were celebrating Earth Day. (The Guidance Guy thought Mrs. Bluebird looked much more like a woodland princess than someone celebrating a holiday...) Imagine long flowing green hair and calm earthy green clothing.

Anonymous said...

Guidance Guy,
Knowing Mrs. Bluebird as I do, I wouldn't be surprised if she looked like she belonged to a rock band with her green hair. After all, she is the "Rock Goddess". Just ask Mr. Bluebird. ;-)

Mrs. Robin

Mrs. Bluebird said...

And to just make it even more earthy, I actually knitted the heather green Celtic sweater I had on...100% wool and it was warm!

But yes, Mrs. Robin does know about my Rock 'n Roll past...but then again, I am the teacher who plays Jimi Hendrix to celebrate Black History Month.