Friday, February 10, 2006

If I'd only known that's all it would take

Stubborn Boy has been a pain in my life from day one. He's in my homeroom class and he's one of those kids who wants to be a thug (and he's a tiny little twerp) and refuses to do anything. He's rude and disrespectful. He is constantly getting in trouble about sagging and has informed us that he would like a career in jail because all they do is sit around and watch television. He's about the only kid in that class who I have trouble with and quite honestly, he ruins it for the others. When he's in ISS we all have a lot more fun.

Stubborn Boy got referred to our support team because he won't work and is failing (despite the fact that he's really quite bright). His homelife is shaky. Both parents have decent jobs so money isn't an issue (unusual for my critters). However, mom has had four boys with four different men, and the three older ones all have had run in's with the law. There may be money in this house, but not stability. In fact, Mom, who used to be quite supportive when we called in the beginning of the year, got fed up with our phone calls and refused to return them. Then she relocated about an hour away and didn't take Stubbon Boy with her.

His behavior, which wasn't stellar to begin with, went downhill from there.

He kept saying Mom was coming to get him and he'd be going to a new school, but it never happened.

This week he refused to even lift his pencil and begin work on his biome project so I sent him to see Guidance Guy who informed me that Stubborn Boy refused to talk and stared at him for 45 minutes. Today, during the Come to Jesus Meeting, he giggled and rolled his eyes since he thought the whole thing was stupid and obviously not targetted at him (and Mrs. Principal suggested he get written up for that). Five minutes later back in class he's again refusing to work on an in-class activity. So I write him up for willfully disobeying the teacher as well as his behavior during the meeting.

One period later (a record) he's in ISS for Three Days!

He told Mrs. Squirrel, who worked the referral, that his mom and moved and "forgot to take him".

Mrs. Saint calls Mom at work to inform him that he's in ISS and she discovered him with a huge wad of money and did she know anything about it? Mom goes nuts and says to hold tight, she's coming up and she's checking him out of school. Within two hours I have paperwork in front of me, his books are in guidance and according to the Guidance Goddess his mother is about ready to rip his head off. (Sort of like she was at the beginning of the year when I'd call her and she'd start screaming at him.)

Interestingly enough, when Dad returns Mrs. Saint's call later he's stunned that his wife (ex-wife?) has come and checked the kid out of school. Can we say communication problem?

So Stubborn Boy is gone.

He got his wish. Looks like Mom finally came and got him.

However, how long will it be before she gets fed up - again - and packs him back up here to live with Dad?

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to enjoying my homeroom.

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