Wednesday, February 08, 2006

And just like that....he's gone!

The Saga of Sparky continues.

As we last visited our hallowed halls, Sparky, our new child dumped on us by the State, had been suspended after a mere four days. If I recall correctly, he was suspended for a four day period for unruly behavior, to put it mildly.

He returned last week and proceeded to sexually harrass a young lady on our team who, amazingly enough, did not find his "bad-boy" image to be the least bit charming and was, in fact, completely grossed out and frightened by his attentions. Trying to hug her at lunch, blowing on her neck in line at lunch, following her around school making grabbing motions, and the like were his modus operandi. It was, as Mr. Social Studies proclaimed (and keep in mind, he's retired law enforcement so he's been, there done that) like watching a predator stalk his prey.

Within a day the young lady filed her complaint, witness statements were taken (and isn't it nice we have video cameras in the lunchroom so we can actually see what he was doing?) and off he goes again, suspended for sexual harrassment (which our school takes seriously as always the fear of a lawsuit looms overhead) and for a little incident in Mrs. Math's class where he was throwing balls of paper all over the room.

I was in Guidance this afternoon when the Guidance Goddess anounces that she had just received a request for records from another school in the state for Sparky. Turns out his foster parents apparently had had enough and off he went to another family. Mr. Enforcer had met with his caseworker earlier in the day and informed her about all of Sparky's adventures since he'd first arrived in our building only two weeks ago. Apparently her response was a shrug of the shoulders. (I kid you not, this kid needs to be placed in a residential facility where he can get help). Guidance Goddess announces that we didn't really have any records on him as he was suspended most of the time he was here. Sort of like the story we got from his last school when we tried to get records.

In any case, he was in our building for two weeks. I saw him in my room four times.

You'll be seeing him soon on America's Most Wanted.


Dr. Phat Tony said...

It's sad when you can pretty much see the future of a kid, and the future looks barred.

Mrs. Bluebird said...

No kidding. I think Sparky is one of the saddest cases I've encountered. One of the scariest, too.