Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hey, dude, she's only 12!

I really wonder about parents these days. Really, really wonder.

For example, why would you want to dress your very attractive 12 year old daughter like a hoochie mamma out cruising for tricks???

I don't know about you all, but my mother not only wouldn't have spent a cent on some of the clothes I see my students in, but would never have let me take one step outside the front door wearing some of these get ups.

We have a girl on our team who's really quite pretty. She's tall, has a very nice developed figure, but she's still only twelve. Physically she may look like she's 16, but emotionally she's still a little girl. And the clothes she wears would make your eyes pop out. Skin tight (and I mean so skin tight they look almost painful) pants, knee high boots with fur trim, slinky little tank top things (with a shrug or something to keep her shoulders covered and survive the dress code), short little skirts, you name it. She looks, well, like a slut.

We've met with the mom (about some behavior issues the Spoiled Princess has) and gently suggested to mom that she may want to tone down her daughter's wardrobe. The boys on the team do spend a lot of time oggling (especially her butt in her skin tight pants), and her clothes are going to give her a reputation even if her actions don't.

This suggestion went completely over Mom's head. A week later, they go visit family in NYC for the holidays and she goes out and buys her little girl more SlutWear. Really, really tacky SlutWear.

We pretty much have been told not to make these somewhat blatant dress code violations an issue because this parent is pretty much a nut job and the last thing any of us want is another meeting with this woman. (The kid was on three teams last year and Mom was in the office nearly every other day with one complaint or another). Granted, I'm waiting for the Fury of Mom as she comes sailing in complaining that her daughter is getting sexually harrassed. It is, after all, just a matter of time (considering some of the conversations I overhear at the lockers, I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet). However, sometimes it is just best to leave things alone and hope that perhaps peer pressure might convince the Spoiled Princess that things are a tad too tight.

Either that or she's going to bend over one day to pick her books up off the floor (where she throws them when she's at her locker) and her pants are going to rip and she'll moon the entire seventh grade.


Anonymous said...

I would be mortified if my pants ripped at school... oh... wait... that happened Wednesday.

Dr. Phat Tony said...

I'm pretty sure mom wants a barbie doll and not a child.