Friday, September 16, 2005

A little dose of maturity, please?

They got on my last freakin' nerve today...and I wasn't alone.

I'm not sure if it's the full moon scheduled for tomorrow, the change in the weather, the fact that it was Friday, or all of the above, but every single teacher in our building was ready to toss his/her hands up in the air and head for Happy Hour once the buses rolled.

Okay, I know they're seventh graders, and it's early in the year, but there were times I could have sworn I was trapped in a first grade classroom. These kids are that immature. Especially the boys. Honestly, a little bit of testosterone wouldn't hurt any of them at this point.

We're in our sixth week and they're STILL asking where they're supposed to turn in their homework every Friday.

It goes in the same basket on the same table by the same giant cut out of Gollum (from LOTR, don't ask) that we had in the old room. Nothing has changed but the room.

Sixth period (the absolute last period of the day and on a Friday can only be equated with Hell) just did me in. I had two kids out at one lab group which left one kid by himself. We are doing poster notes where I assign a part of the chapter to each group and they outline the important information we need to know on a large poster, which I then hang up and discuss and we all take our notes. It's fun, they get to do group work, and they're learning how to outline. So Lonely Kid is there by himself so I sit down and help him get going since it's kind of a drag to be working alone. We're having a good time, Lonely Kid is getting it (thank the Lord), and all is well.

I then look up and see Goofy Boy 1 chasing Goofy Boy 2 around a lab table. Like second graders. And they're giggling and carrying on like second graders. The fact that Goofy Boy 1 is nearly six feet tall made it even more annoying.

So, they were rewarded with the first two behavior notes of the year which I filled out and stapled into the agenda for a parent to sign. (Fat chance.)

I am having wine tonight.

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Dr. Phat Tony said...

Maybe with the kids drunk they would quiet down, or at best pass out. And I've added you to the blogroll. Don't expect too much traffic though, I don't have that many readers.