Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Spring Has Sprung...and so have the Hormones

So Spring Break is over.


And it was greatly needed because we Didn't Get A Single Snow Day.  Everyone's nerves are shot - kids and teachers alike - and it was nice to get away from each other.

So some came back with tans, others with great stories about awesome trips, and even others with...hormones.

It's that time of year, the sap is rising, the birds are singing, and sixth graders are turning into hormonal future seventh graders.

I was up in guidance flipping through the stack of write-ups that had been turned in (I like to see what is coming my way) when I noticed a trend.  Lots of sixth graders, boys and girls both, are doing a lot of grabbing, hugging, and groping.  A lot.  .

"Holy moly," I said to the Guidance Goddess.  "These kids have discovered the opposite sex in a big way."

She nodded.  "You have no's nuts.  I can't believe the write-ups I've been getting.  It's like they've lost their minds."

And discovered sex.

Oh joy


Lisa said...

Hello Mrs Bluebird,

I have a question about school policy again:
Are those write ups about cases were the groping, grabbing and hugging is with or without the concent of the other person? Or is it a mixture?
It might be just a language thing, but I was wondering if these young people are just very bad at respecting other peoples personal space or if your school rules are very strict about physical contact.

Thank you for the inside.
I hope you can enjoy the nice part of spring as well and have a sunny weekend!

Mrs. Bluebird said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for the note. Our school district has a pretty strict "hand's off" policy with the kids - they really discourage physical contact for the simple reason that sometimes it's unwanted, and that leads to a lot more problems. A lot of what we're seeing right now is unwanted. And if it continues, that opens up a lot more problems, up to and including sexual harrassment charges and a court date. I think they may be a little less strict in the high school, but in the middle school we're still pretty strict.

mel said...

Around this time one year I told my closest friend that I hated everyone in our building except her and now she was on my nerves. It's a tough time of the year. One warm day and the kids think it's spring and all bets are off!