Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Oh Hey, We're Back

So Christmas break is over and we're back in school. Had a nice time visiting Mother Bird in Colorado where we managed a White Christmas, and enjoyed some quality time with Hubby.

But now we're back.

And truth be told, it's kind of boring.

Our kids start over with referrals whenever we begin a new grading period.  Which  means I'm usually not too busy until the second week or so after a new period has started.  Usually.  This time it seems to be a little too quiet.

So quiet I'm waiting for the onslaught.

Oh, I've had a kid.  Or two.  All of them familiar faces which brings new meaning to the phrase "learn from our mistakes" because these kids just aren't getting it.

But for the most part it means I've been able to get caught up on things like filing, updating my sub book, watching a whole bunch of Khan Academy videos to brush up on my 8th grade math, updating the school wiki, and clean the room.

I'm thinking, however, that this honeymoon period is going to be over very shortly.  Like tomorrow.

We shall see.


Kristen said...

First day back I had a kid throw himself on the ground and wail for 20 minutes because he didn't get his way. His mom had to come and get him after school since he wouldn't leave. Gotta love 6 year olds.

Lisa said...

Hi Mrs. Bluebird,

we started school on Monday without heat. The heating was completely out over the break and the whole building had cooled down so much, that the half working heat couldn't bring up the temperature. So we taught kids in complete outside clothing. It reminded me of your stories about the struggle with an appropriate temperature in the classroom. We never had problems like this (winters in my part of Germany aren't that cold and our heating is normally very reliable) and today with the heating running full blast for more than 24h we were back to normal temperatures.

I hope you won't get too busy for a little while longer.


Mrs. Gumby said...

Does Mother Bird like Colorado? I'm sure it's a big change from California.