Thursday, August 13, 2015

Maintenance, We Have a Problem

The first half day of school has come and gone and so's been calm.  Really calm.  The kind of calm where you keep waiting for something to happen because it's just going so damn well.  All the kids had schedules, most of the kids knew their bus numbers although it took them some time to find them, and no one had a melt-down.  It was scary.

Seeing as I didn't have any students - yet - in my little world of ISS, I helped out in Guidance.  I was supposed to be there to help print schedules, look up bus numbers, and that sort of thing.  However, after about two hours of nothing, because no one needed my help, I wandered back out to my portable to work on stuff out there.  (I actually am working although I have no students right now, basically going through all the procedures for how ISS runs and streamlining the process.)

And then I found a really glaring problem with my portable.

I have a wasp problem.

A few weeks ago Baseball Boy was working in my room, helping me get it organized and unpacked.  His little brother was at the Sixth Grade Jump Start and Mom brought Baseball Boy along so he could help me out.  Thank goodness, because he saved me about four hours of labor.  We listened to the Cubs baseball game and worked and had a great time.

Until we discovered a wasp flying around. 

Seriously, I'm not afraid of them, and neither is Baseball Boy, but it was a bit annoying until we managed to smack him with a rolled up magazine.  And then I didn't really think much of it until school started.  And then I realized that I was seeing wasps every single time I was walking up the ramp to my portable.

Every single time.  And often more than one.  

This was not good.  

So I did a work order for maintenance to come out and spray/check for wasps.  I think they're living under the wooden ramp, because that seems to be where I see them the most.  

Until they fly into the portable.

I really, really don't need a kid out there who's already on edge because he/she has been assigned to In School Suspension to have a major freak out meltdown when wasps start buzzing around.

They better come fix this problem fast.  In the meantime, I bought a fly swatter.



Mister Teacher said...

Hey, I'll admit, it's been a while since I've visited your blog (sorry!), but since when are you an ISS teacher?? Do you enjoy it?

Mrs. Bluebird said...

Our ISS teacher retired in May so I'm the brand spanking new ISS teacher and so far I love it. Granted, I've only had one kid so far, but it's really, really, really nice to not have to do lesson plans or grading. In fact, I left school today at three and brought no work home. That hasn't happened in 14 years. And I do really well connecting with the less than perfect kids so it's a good fit for me. As The Principal said when she offered it to me, "I need someone, independent, organized, with that tough love school momma charm." I guess that's me.