Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Obsession with Throwing

Our team is at the point where we're about ready to ban erasers.

Because erasers, you see, are wonderful projectiles. Especially when they're torn up into smaller pieces.  And our book fair, which ended yesterday, sold a ton of erasers which are now being systematically dissembled and launched across our classrooms.

I rarely write kids up, but one thing that will cause a write up faster than their heads can spin around is throwing things.  We had a girl today smacked in the eye with an eraser and that's exactly why the throwing is a big deal with me.

So, I basically informed them that if they so much as even made a throwing motion, regardless of whether or not they actually threw anything, I. Would. Write. Them. Up.  No questions asked.

It's not a democracy in my room.  It's a benevolent dictatorship, and they better figure that out.


angie said...

Benevolent dictatorship! I love it!

Lea said...

One year my class (6th grade) went half the year with no crayons because they had broken them all into tiny pieces and thrown them at each other. That was the year I co-opted your phrase The Class From the Very Depths of Hell Itself to brand that class. It was a rough year. Individually they were neat kids, but collectively, they were a nightmare.

Dan Edwards said...

If I catch one of my students throwing something, I write them up for "Endangerment" At another Calif. school, student lost part of vision in one eye due to being hit by something thrown in class....result - lawsuit against the school and parents of the offender. Huge award amount undisclosed. But I do ask those suspected of throwing something if their family has $500,000.00 to settle a lawsuit caused by their irresponsible actions....