Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The View from My Couch

Okey dokey, so I haven't blogged for a while.

Truth be told I haven't done much for a while.

You know how you look forward to break so you can relax, and get some things done, and enjoy your family and all that?  And you have all these great plans?  Well, I did too, although, compared to most people, they were quite tame.  Hanging out with Hubby, cleaning out my office, getting organized for 2014, reading, knitting, seeing some movies, some quick day trips, and all sorts of fun things. I was looking forward to this time off for weeks.

And then, lucky me, I got strep throat. And, even luckier, it took nearly a week before I could get in to see a doctor (or in my case, a nurse practitioner) who said I had a throat that "looks like a piece of really rare blood beefsteak."  Oh yay.  All I knew is I wanted to curl up into a fetal position on the floor of her office.  I got the magic ten-day antibiotic shot (works wonders although my hip hurt for a week), a steroid shot, and some "magic mouth rinse", and off I went.  

So, for the week prior to the shot - I pretty much napped the whole time, laid on the couch, read, ate chicken soup, hot tea and lemon (not all together) and felt miserable.  Gosh I hate strep.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Ms Characterized said...

It's just nice to hear your voice! Be well.

RB said...

Hi Mrs. Bluebird... I'm a long time lurker. I was wondering if you could recommend any 6th-7th grade nonfiction literature that you've found to be high interest for your students. I teach 6th grade and my principal has given me the go ahead to order some books. Any recommendations?

mrsmacqueen at gmail dot com

Dan Edwards said...

I had that once....hope its all cleared up now! Happy New Year -Polski3