Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Well Why Don't You Do Something!!!?

During the past two weeks I've had some interesting emails from parents regarding the fact that their darling chooses not to do homework.  One parents insisted to know WHY I didn't place her daughter in after school detention because ANYONE KNOWS that if you take something fun away from a kid, they may actually get the message.  The other parent expressed a concern that since he and his wife are both working in the afternoon, and his son chooses to do everything BUT homework, was there anyway I could put him in after school detention so he'll get his homework done?

Well, as I explained, at The School, we only have after school detention for kids with behavior problems, not lazy problems.  Neither of these kids is a trouble maker so they don't qualify for that.  The Administrators decide who's going into after school detention based on the classroom discipline referrals.  I also explained that we are allowed to pull kids from their elective classes on Mondays and Fridays and that serves sort of as a detention where they can get their work done.

However, what I really wanted to say was "Isn't that really YOUR job as a parent?"  We have these kids for about eight hours a day, and then they go home and then, in theory, it's the parent who should check their planner, see what the homework is, and see that it gets done.  My parents even get an email letting them know what the homework is, so they have that to rely on.  But apparently these parents what us to keep their kids even longer, see that their homework is done, and then send them home.  Shouldn't they be the ones "taking away something fun" from the kid because they didn't get their homework done?  Shouldn't they be the parent?

Some of my fondest memories of my childhood were of my parents and I sitting down to go over homework.  It was our time together - no television, no computer (well duh, they didn't exist back then), no interruptions.  These parents apparently don't want to spend time dealing with their kids' academic issues and at the same time are missing out on a really vital part of the parent/child relationship.  

Do you think if we asked these parents to pay more taxes so we can get paid to stay later and parent their kids, they'd go for it? 

Really, I'm getting sick of parents wanting to be pals, not parents.

P.S. Update 3/2/2012

One of these parents requested a form for an after school program we have called homework hour which works with our tutoring program and is funded with a grant.  I sent the form.  The comment he made back was that his son couldn't participate because no one would be able to pick him up.  What?  Who was going to pick him up from after school detention then?  The Tooth Fairy?  Or did he think we ran buses to drop kids that stay late off at their doorsteps?


Linda Fox said...

Might I also mention the MANY parents who don't receive the interim report and want ME to phone them weekly with the updated grade?

Miss Angel said...

Thats crazy! Why don't THEY take things away from their own kids, or ground them, if they really feel thats the only way to get their kids to do homework? Teachers can't do everything... do they want you to duct tape the kids to their seats, glue a pencil to their hand, and shoot them with rubberbands until their homework is done?

Mrs. Gumby said...

Yep. I remember working on homework, too, at home. My own kids (now 19 and 24) knew how to do homework early on in their school careers. I had a strict "no TV" until homework's done rule.

Fawn Nguyen said...

You nailed it on the head with parents wanting to be buddies with their kids instead of being parents. We all know the parents you're talking about, unfortunately. Can't win them all. Thanks for sharing!

Darren said...

At my school such parents are a small minority--but it doesn't take many to create a "critical mass" of "pain in the a**".