Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Break?

At The District, we get three days off for Thanksgiving break (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday).  This makes for a nice break before we wind up the end of the first semester.

On Monday of this past week, one of my students, Spacey Girl, who is really a sweet kid, but, well, a bit "out there", asked me how come we didn't get  a full week off for Thanksgiving like some other nearby districts do.

"Well," I said, "it may be because we get a week off for fall break."

"We do?" she said.  "When?"

"It was about four weeks ago," I replied, "Around the first week of October."

"Really?" she said, genuinely surprised.  "I don't remember that at all."

And I'm supposed to hope that she can remember the rock cycle by the time The Very Big Deal Government Mandated Tests arrive in April.



Miss Angel said...

Wow,you get a week off for fall break? I never heard of that before! Do you still get winter and spring break too?

Mrs. Bluebird said...

Angel, we get a fall break, a winter break and a spring break. We also start the first week in August, which is why we get these breaks. Pretty soon, the way it's going, we'll be starting in July.