Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Lunch Date

80's Girl, my little goth darling with the black lipstick, has been bugging me for several weeks about eating lunch with her.


I find this a bit funny because the only time I've ever had a kid request something like this was a few years ago when we did lunch detention and kids stopped doing their homework on purpose so they could eat lunch in our classrooms so they could get caught up on their homework.  The draw wasn't the teacher, or the classroom, or the food, or getting caught up.  No, they were there because they liked the quiet.  Seriously.  Our cafeteria is mind-numbing loud.  320 kids in there and it's nuts.

Well anyway I decided I better bow to her demands, and told her to pick two other friends to eat with us and I'd join them in one of the booths.  A few years ago we had a fast food restaurant nearby remodel and they donated a bunch of booths for us to put in the cafeteria.  These are great for when parents come and for when kids use their reward money to have lunch with their friends in the booth.  It's not quiet, but it's still better than sitting at long tables with the rest of the kids.

Part of me is not looking forward to this because I really need my 30 minutes of peace in the middle of the day to regroup and get ready for the Seventh Period Class From The Very Depths of Hell Itself.  But then again, the other part of me is finding this to be a bit entertaining as I'll get to know these three girls quite a bit better.  It will be interesting about what they'll talk about.

At least I won't have to eat the cafeteria food.

P.S. - a day later.  I actually had a lot of fun at the lunch date.  Did get some weird looks from other kids, but my three girls were a joy.  They were envious of my chicken soup and orange (really?) but apparently it's much better fare than cafeteria food.  (I have never, in nine years at The School, eaten cafeteria food).  I learned a lot about these kids and that's something neat.

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Miss Angel said...

I love hearing aboiut 80's girl! She reminds me of my little sister!