Sunday, October 23, 2011

Digging Out...on Monday

Mrs. Eagle and I took a personal day on Friday so we could attend a two day conference in another part of the state.  

This means we left our kids alone with a sub.  

At this point I always feel sorry for the sub, but this year in particular I really feel sorry for the sub.  Our kids have been just awful for the subs.  No, I take that back.  They've been beyond awful.  

I'm not sure if it's because we've had a lot of subs or what.  Mr. Math has to go to some meetings downtown for the math department, Mrs. Grammar has little ones that either get sick or need to go for a checkup, and Mrs. Language has had to deal with sick parents and sick kids as well. We've been out a bit more than we usually are, and truth be told, than we'd like to be.  About the only people who seem to be here day in and day out are me and Mr. Rooster.  

Granted, for some reason kids think that having a sub means they can act like absolute monsters. I never could figure that out (and I subbed for two years).  They just lose their minds.  Then again, they lose their minds with just about any change in routine, like a fire drill for example.  And it doesn't help that our pool of good, quality subs has shrunk a lot since most of the good ones either got hired permanent or they are on long-term assignments.

In any case, it takes forever to get ready for a sub and forever to deal with the aftermath.  I am, however, hopeful this time.  I got a sub who student taught in P.E. last year so she knows most of the kids.  And, amazingly, they like her.  She has strong management skills and she's young and pretty so that helps.  She's one of those good subs that gets snatched up fast so I snagged her way back in August for this day.

So I'm hoping it went okay.  I do know, however, it may take me most of the week to go through the tests to be graded, homework to be checked and so forth.  And we have to deal with parent conferences this week, which is usually a bit of a scheduling balancing act.

Oh boy.  Here comes Monday.


Linda Fox said...

I totally understand. I have - well, call them "challenging classes" this year, and I have to be out to recupe a knee injury - for 3 days, no less.

I really can't afford the time, as I need to be there to cover the material, but I just can't continue giving my knee the pounding it has taken.

I've left the work, crossed my fingers, and will check in daily.

Miss Sub said...

I love it when teachers tell me in the sub notes that any disrespectful students will receive some sort of consequence. At least I know that I have some sort of back up.

Also, I'm worried about getting a job because I'm not one of the young and pretty ones.