Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Well, I've Caught Up on My Sleep - Finally

My blog tends to be quite boring when I'm not in school because, well, I'm not in school.  School gives me a lot to observe, especially the everyday rituals of that creature known as a seventh grader, and being at home doesn't give me that opportunity.

Not that I haven't been busy.

Let's far, three in services and another one on Friday and another one on Monday.  Got together with Mrs. Eagle, and Mrs. Angora (who will be teaching both 7th and 8th science next year) to sort of map out our nine weeks of lessons along with our new scope and sequence.  Fortunately the powers that be saw the wisdom of moving a few things around so we'll be doing biology at the end of the year and all the physical science stuff at the beginning.  It flows better that way.  And, of course, we looked at what did and didn't work last year and are making a few changes to how we do things.  I'm actually kind of looking forward to some of it.

I've been doing lots of yard work (we grow weeds like nobody's business down here) and have enjoyed my first beets from the garden.  We've had a lot of heat, and a lot of rain, so things are doing pretty well.  Only problem is it's too wet to mow so I may have to borrow some of Mrs. Angora's goats to eat my lawn.

And I've been watching a lot of sports (and knitting) on television - the end of hockey season with the Stanley Cup (thank goodness Boston won, I can't stand the Canucks), and of course the College World Series which is another favorite.  And I've been walking at least an hour a day.  Usually pretty early in the morning before it's so blasted hot, but not always.   But I'm still doing it, even today, when I have a cold.

Yeah, believe it or not.  I'm home for the summer, away from infected kids, and I get a cold.  Lucky me.

But so far, I'm doing some research, I'm getting stuff done, and catching up on my sleep.  So much so that while I was at a Civil War Round Table meeting this past week, I looked over at Mrs. Eagle and said "this is the first time in months that I haven't felt exhausted after 6:00 pm at night."

I wish there was a way to store up sleep.

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