Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

For me, it's not about the cookout, or the day off, or hanging by the lake.

It's about remembering.

I live in a military town so the War on Terror is a daily reality for us.  We've lost a lot of soldiers in our community this year, and those loses have reached out and touched all of us.  And this year, it's even more poignant for me as the person I am remembering the most is one I never met - but I had her son in my fourth period class.

It's tough having a student who loses a parent under your watch.  It's even harder when it's in the line of duty.

I've worried about Clever Boy a lot today.  He doesn't have school to distract him and keep him busy and he lives in a really rural part of our community so it's not like he can just walk next door and find someone to hang out with.   I hope he's finding something to keep him busy (he does love to read) and that he and his Dad can, finally, hopefully, find some common ground and do some Dad and Son things.  But I still worry.

God Bless Clever Boy and his Mom.  Rest in Peace Sgt.


EHT said...

It would be so simple if we could close the year out totally, but it's inmpossible not to wonder about the kids. I have told my students in the past once they are my student....they are mind for life. It's really true. I never forget. :)

alex said...

Hello, my name is Alex Coppejans and I am currently a pre-service teacher. I just wanted to comment on how much this means to me considering I will be joining the teaching profession in the near future. It is great to see teachers connecting with their students in a sentimental way, along with getting to know your students on a personal level. For example, you mentioned that he lived in a rural area and loved to read. As a future teacher, I appreciate this blog post.

Ashleigh said...

Your post gave me goosebumps. My heart goes out to the boy and all the other children who have lost loved ones. I'm thankful he had you in his life during this time.

You're right, Memorial Day should not be about BBQ, picnics, ect. We need to remember.

Darren said...

I always enjoy reading "we teachers *do* care" posts.