Friday, March 25, 2011

A few years ago I picked up my first sudoku puzzle book and was instantly hooked.  I've always liked puzzles anyway, although I never was quite like my mother-in-law who would do crossword puzzles in ink pen.  Sudoku was more my speed.  It was something I could pick up and work on for a few minutes, then set it down, and return to it hours, or even days later.

So, my husband, being the dear that he is, bought me a sudoku puzzle book featuring 601 puzzles.  I really enjoy working on these in the morning, when the sun is coming into my living room, and I'm enjoying a cup of coffee.  It's a nice, quiet, brain-boosting way to start the day.

As of today, I have completed each and every one of the 601 puzzles.

Yeah me!

But not to worry...I have a few other books ready to go, although I'll miss this one.  The binding had long ago given up and pieces of the book have fallen out (held intact with rubber bands).  It was well-used, well-loved, and well-worn!

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Darren said...

I'm a math teacher and just never got into Soduko. I'm not a fan of puzzles or mazes, either.