Friday, December 17, 2010

A Big Sigh of Relief

The Team did receive a wonderful gift today from The Enforcer when he sent Very Mean Bully Boy to alternative school.

We were ecstatic.

However, not nearly as ecstatic as the  kids on the team.

Very Mean Bully Boy is incredibly smart (seriously, he could earn straight A's if he so much as tried) but is so busy being mean and hateful that he's usually failing all his classes.  The more I observe this kid (and believe me, during hall duty we're watching him like a hawk because he cannot walk down a hall without tripping, kicking, or hitting someone) the more I've come to the conclusion that his goal in life is to inflict pain and humiliation on others.  He does not come from a home with positive role models - he idolizes the uncle he is named after who happens to be in prison for first degree murder.  What he really needs is a lot of therapy to get rid of his anger, and some really positive male role models, but he's pretty much exhausted our resources.

And what bothers me the most about him is how he's a threat to the other kids.  The tipping point finally came this past week when my sub reported he'd hit a girl in class coming back from a fire drill (and I had witnesses that, for once, we willing to talk), he pushed another girl down in music class, he threatened another girl at lunch, and he hit another girl in math.  And that was a typical week for him.  He's been suspended, in ISS, you name it, but he finally hit the number (and we had an opening) and off to alternative school he'll go.  

For a while, at least, my other kids can walk to the drinking fountain without fear of getting hit or tripped, and my seventh period may actually become somewhat productive (it's hard to teach when you're trying to keep a war from breaking out between Very Mean Bully Boy and Everyone Else.)

Sad to say, but not a single kid in the building will miss him.  Hopefully someone, somewhere, can connect with this kid.  But I'm starting to wonder.


Linda Fox said...

This is a sore point with me. Kids HAVE to go to school. Why should we keep proven threats to their safety in the same classroom?

I had a young lady who was acutely psychotic - she talked to the "other" people in her mind - even arguing with them.

The kids were terrified of her. They placed their desks around hers to give her a WIDE clearance area. When her mother finally took her out of the school, they were ecstatic! said...

We all know that it's the home and parents this kid is coming from that is creating this monster. He is only modeling what he sees at home. I always say, a kid only knows what he is taught, and this one has been taught to be cruel to girls. Someone needs to step into the home and get the parents into counseling before doing much with the kid. He will not unlearn this behavior in an alternative setting if he is going home to more cruelty an violence. I keep asking, "what is wrong with people?' and "When does the madness stop?"

W.R. Chandler said...

Definitely seems to have a problem with the female persuasion.

This is where you worry how far he will take this violence toward women later in life.

Darren said...

That it took so long to get rid of him is a stinging indictment.