Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sorry to Run Out on You, but....

There's a really nasty stomach flu thing going around school the past few weeks which I why I haven't really posted much.

Because, you see, I ended up getting it.


Wednesday I had a headache. No big deal because I tend get headaches which is one reason I go to a chiropractor every month. In fact, I went on Tuesday, and simply thought it was the result of my doctor having to really give my neck a good tweaking. Wednesday night and Thursday morning we had a series of thunderstorms rumble through, so I didn't sleep much. So Thursday I figured I was just tired and cranky from the headache and the storm.

Then I brought back my 5th period kids from lunch and everything went bad really, really fast. I had just finished going over their homework when I got really dizzy and extremely hot and needed to get out of that room before something really ugly happened.

Rule Number 73 of Teaching Middle Schoolers: Do not barf in front of your students.

I got Mrs. Social Studies to watch my class, made it to guidance and asked Guidance Goddess if she could find someone to watch my classes the rest of the day. It was obvious I wasn't going to be able to teach. I must have looked really green because Guidance Diva and Guidance Goddess wanted to drive me home. I figured I could make it home and after laying my head down on a table for a while and a long visit to the rest room, I did just that.

And then spent the next 48 hours sicker than the proverbial dog. Thank goodness I had an easy day planned for Friday (at least easy for a sub) and Mrs. Eagle was able to help the sub with any problems. No nasty notes about how horrid my kids had been - however, it helped that many of my trouble makers are currently in ISS.

Blech. No fun. No fun at all.


Sneaker Teacher said...

Yuck stomach flu=no fun. I hope you are feeling better!

ChiTown Girl said...

Hope you're feeling better. And here I was upset because I was dealing with a cold this past weekend. I'll take a cold over stomach flu anyday! Then again, I've never lost 8 pounds from a cold.... ;-)

Dragonrider said...

Oh I hope you are better now. Remember, do NOT go back to work on Friday out of guilt...stay home and rest!

Theresa Milstein said...

I feel for you. The stomach flu is the worst. Whenever I hear that it's going around, I am paranoid I'll get it, and working with children, I usually will.

Darren said...

Starfleet has its Prime Directive, I have mine: no barfing in class. In 13 years all of my students and I have followed it. Considering that I have at least 15 more years to go before retirement, the odds are probably against me, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.