Monday, December 07, 2009


Teachers aren't used to when we get it, we're usually, well, stunned.

It's particularly sweet when it comes from a peer you respect. So, you can understand that I'm very flattered and really quite surprised and very giddy to see that Mr. Teacher, one of my favorite bloggers, has nominated me for Best Teacher Blog for 2009.

I am humbled, considering what a great blogger Mr. Teacher is. (And you should buy his book).



Mister Teacher said...

ANNNNNNND. . . There it is. The whole reason I nominated you -- so you would plug my book one more time.


Actually, I really enjoy reading about your classroom and thought you were much deserving of some recognition.

Ms Characterized said...

Very wow! Congratulations. You deserve it!

Unknown said...

I'm not at all surprised. I really enjoy your blog.