Saturday, June 06, 2009

A Time For Courage


Sixty-five years ago.

I'm not going to listen to speeches by politicians. I'm not going to watch ceremonies. What I will do is read the words of the men who were there and try, try, try to fathom how they went through that. Because, quite honestly, they are why this matters.

If you know a veteran of WWII, and sadly they are passing on so very fast, listen to his or her stories.

And remember.

And thank them.

Because truly, they saved the world.


Darren said...

You mean those racists who wouldn't even serve with black soldiers?

(How am I doing, sounding like a leftie?)

Yes, I heard that statement above, once.

Anonymous said...

here, here!

EHT said...

Our heroes are rapidly leaving us.

Keep remembering so that others will never forget.