Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finally a Field Day

It has rained, and rained, and rained, and we had, within the first six days of the month, managed to have the same amount of rain as we usually get in the entire month of May.

So our first Field Day was canceled due to rain.

And it kept raining.

And then they finally said it would be today, rain or shine, because we were running out of days.

If it rained, we'd be stuck in the gym all day with 350 wild seventh graders. This is enough to make me want to put a needle in my eye and start drinking heavily. I can handle 350 kids outside where the noise can be carried off on the wind, but inside a gym is hell on earth. For the entire day.

We prayed for two dry days - one to dry out the playing fields, and another for us to have Field Day.

God listened. We had field day today. It was cloudy, but dry.

Of course our team came in dead last. It was weird, but even Coach Math noticed the difference between our kids when the kids piled into the gym for the first event which was volleyball. Mrs. Eagle's team and Mrs. Bunny's team were sitting rather nicely on the bleachers, they nearly all had on their team colors (red and blue) and they listened better. Our kids on the other hand...were lounging all over the bleachers, most of them didn't wear the tie-dyed t-shirts we made for them, and they wouldn't follow directions.

"You can tell which team has the thugs, can't you?" said Coach Math. "It's apparent just looking at them."

It's even more apparent when you look to see who's in ISS and who's suspended. We spent most of the day filling gaps on our teams because - of course - so many of our kids, both boys and girls, weren't able to participate due to behavior.

Counting the days, man, just counting the days.

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