Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Party Time!

Sunshine and mild temps.

700 hot dogs and buns.

36 pizzas (cut into smallish squares)

1600 sodas.

400 bottles of water.

Dozens and dozens dozens of bags of candy.

A popcorn machine.

A cotton candy machine.

Nail painting, hair spraying, and temporary tattooing.

A dance.

Three inflatables in the parking lot.

A movie in the theater.

Door prizes ranging from MP3 players, iTunes gift cards, bathroom passes (like gold for a middle schooler), homework passes, McDonald's gift cards and more.

1000 middle school students who were on time every day and didn't miss a single one of The Very Big Deal Government Mandated Tests, and who earned "bucks" for exhibiting good test taking skills and were given the chance to spend them.

Three hours of the most amazing party The School has even thrown.

It rocked.

The best comment of the day came from the Guidance Goddess and Guidance Diva who were, for probably the first time all year, alone in the glass fronted office without a single kid waiting in a chair to see someone. "We sort of feel like the shop keepers in a town where a riot is going on and we've shuttered the windows and are peeking out now and then to watch the riot go by."

That's exactly what it seemed like. Inside guidance, calm, quiet, and peaceful. (Rare indeed). Outside? Running, yelling, screaming kids.

We fed them junk food, let them yell, run, scream, and hyped them up on sugar.

And then put them on buses and sent them home.


I'm having a beer and watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Twenty two and a half days...


Mamie said...

I'm glad this post had a happy ending, 'cause when I first started reading, I was thinking NIIIIIIIIIIGHTMARE!!!

ChiTown Girl said...

Sounds like an AWESOME day! It also sounds like the end-of-the-year picnic my son's grade school had every year. What a blast. Glad you and the kids enjoyed yourselves.

jmoor said...

Can I ask where the students were who didn't meet the criteria ?
I think this is a great idea - reward the ones who DO !

Mrs. Bluebird said...

Whenever we have events like this where we have kids who can't attend (like Field day) we have a teacher who stays back in her room, and they go there to work. We provide her with work to give them (or they can work on current assignments) but they're kept busy and they're "baby sat". We have one 7th grade math teacher who is not an outdoor person and she always volunteers for this duty. And amazingly she usually only has a handful to worry about.

Ms M. said...

Ah, this made me laugh at loud at the end. Thanks :)