Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Southern Spring

This past Friday we had a snow day due to the two inches of white stuff that fell the night before.

Today it's 78 and gorgeous.

Trees are budding out, the forsythia are doing their thing and it's spring here in the South.

However, I'm not naive. Mother Nature isn't finished with winter yet. I still remember the spring break a few years ago when it went from 85 to 18 in one day.

I won't believe it's truly spring until about, oh, the 20th of April.

But I'm going to enjoy the day or two we get here and there.

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Margaret English said...

We have the same changes in the weather over here at the moment. I left the house wearing a reasonably big coat this moning because it was very cold yet felt like a fool with it over my arm on the way home just now. I am looking forward to some consistent, warm weather!