Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Classic Question

From a phone message left for Mrs. Strawberry, the social studies teacher on Mrs. Eagle's team, after report cards went home on Tuesday:

"Hum, this is ________. I was just calling to see if you were the one who whited out my daughter's grades on her report card, or if she did it. Thanks!"

When Mrs. Strawberry called this mom back (after picking herself up off the floor from her laughing spasm) Mom explained that she pretty much knew who whited out not only this nine week's grades, but the grades from the last nine weeks, and the comments as well. She just wanted confirmation.

Hey, at least she got a phone call. No one on my team did.


Sarah said...

Oh my! What was this child thinking?! Yeah, that's not supicious at all!!

ms-teacher said...

every week, students can have a yellow card completed. This is a weekly progress report. A couple of weeks before the holiday break, I noticed that one of my failing students was miraculously getting "A"'s in all of his classes. However, his "A"'s also looked suspiciously alike.

I e-mailed the two other teachers on my team to find out his grade and found that "A"'s should have been "F"'s. We called home, arranged a conference, and mom was not happy with said child.

We also informed our student that what he did amounted to forgery and in the real world people go to jail for that :)