Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Lesson Learned?

For all those who wanted an update...Pompous Ass Boy did NOT try to crash the Academic Awards Party.

I know. You are as shocked as we were.

Perhaps it was the glares that he got from all of us that day. Or the pointed comments we made to our fifth period classes that those students with invitations were to meet in the library and everyone else needed to go on to their sixth period class. Or maybe something, finally, sunk into that thick skull of his.

Of course he may have realized that someone as loud and as obnoxious (and prone to wearing bright yellow) as he is would have a hard time blending into a small group of only 17 students.

We all had a marvelous time without him.

As for his mother...amazingly enough, she's one of our more supportive parents. She realizes that he can be quite the monster and has made sure that we all have her cell phone number and are welcome to call her at any time to straighten him out. She's also one of the few parents who took the time to frequently thank us for our weekly emails. She may have created this self-absorbed pest, but at least she realizes that he's a self-absorbed pest.

If only others were that perceptive.

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