Sunday, March 02, 2008

Good News, Bad News

I had to be out of the building on Friday, along with The Principal, the Guidance Goober, Mrs. Eagle, Mrs. Bunny, and Mrs. Art, and a few others on the middle school reform team. We had to do one of our meetings downtown, with the other middle school teams, to see how we were implementing some of our new strategies to help our at-risk population.

Mrs. Eagle and I didn't really want to let our homework sit there over the weekend - we both like to get it graded and back as soon as we can - so we went back to The Building late that afternoon to pick it up and see what comments our substitutes had left us.

My note said, "You have the most wonderful classes. They were all well mannered and well-behaved. It was a joy to teach them."

Delightful! Perhaps my "Don't embarrass yourself, me, or your school by acting badly" lecture worked.

The bad news was, as I've gone through the homework this weekend, a lot of them didn't turn it in. This tends to happen when I have a substitute on homework turn in days. I don't know what it is that causes them to forget to turn in homework on the days I'm not there. We do it every single Friday. However, part of me suspects it's because I'm not there reminding them every 8 seconds that they need to turn in their homework. Who knows?

But the note did make my day.

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Mr. W said...

Yeah when I have a sub, I am always curious to see what they say. Unfortunately, there is usually one period that just can't listen.

It's nice to see the students "step up" and act like adults for one day. Makes you realize they can do it.