Monday, July 02, 2007

Just some weird random things

Just some random musings and thoughts as I try to get a lot done before I leave for summer camp...

  • I've added some new links based on blogs I've recently discovered. Please take a moment and check them out. Some blogs of note include Crazy Aunt Purl, Ms. M's Apples, Bump on the Blog, Ms Teacher, and Teaching in the Inner City. Wonderful writing and wonderful reading for us.
  • Why is it that all the appliances in my house are starting to show their age all at the same time? Is there some kind of law that says things can only last 15 years and then they die? Our house is 15 years old (we bought it 4 years ago) and with original appliances. The hot water heater is on its last legs (we're planning on replacing it in the fall) and we had to put a new heating element in it. We both dream of a tankless water heater but there's no way on earth we can afford one. The refrigerator is also leaking and the ice maker quit. We were considering taking advantage of the 20% off Kenmore products sale this week to get a new one, but guess what? Both my Saturn and hubby's van need work. Sigh. Can't budget it all in on one month.
  • My husband, bless his brilliant mind and warm heart, is not a handy man. I am the handy one in our household. This is skill I picked up from my father who is never too far from a tool or gadget. This is why I was discovered yesterday under the bathroom sink, working at unclogging a really icky clog. Hubby looks at me and says, "Beauty, brains and she can fix a sink." I'm pretty good at toilets too.
  • I have had it up to here with petunias this summer. I usually love the goofy things because they're so easy to grow. However, out of the four plants I've purchased this year, three are succumbing to what I suspect (from my research on line) is a virus. Of course, can I find the receipts from Home Depot so I can get my money back? No. I can't tell you how it annoys me that I'm being defeated by a couple of petunias.

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EHT said...

Hmmmm....and I just thought it was me. My petunias look similar even though I've watered, etc.