Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why Sugar Is Sometimes Evil

The kids were insane today.

I suspect that many of them had located the parental stash of candy to be given out tonight to the trick or treaters and decided no one would notice if they took, oh, say, half the candy and ingested it prior to school.

To say they were crawling the walls is putting it mildly.

And then, of course, it was Hat Day so for a mere dollar they got to buy a sticker that allowed them to wear a hat in school today. This is, by far, one of the easiest and most successful fund-raisers our student council ever came up with. Amazing what middle schoolers will pay for.

Of course I wore my witch's hat. However, since it has cell organelles all over it and actually is a model of a cell, it matched my standards perfectly.

So there.

The team decided, after recalling the bags and bags of candy our kids brought in last year to snack on, that we would institute a candy ban in classes starting tomorrow. Simply put, you bring in Halloween candy and we'll take it. The kids thought we were being mean. Do you think I care?

But honestly, after the year one of our students spent all night eating Halloween candy, forgot to take his meds (which probably wouldn't have worked judged by the amount of candy he scarfed down), and then proceeded to try to crawl on top of a 6 foot cabinet in one of the classrooms....we weren't going down that road again. I can still see this little character exclaiming to an assistant principal, who caught our little cherub pinging off the walls coming back from lunch, "I had pockets of candy. Pockets and pockets of candy!!! I ate pockets of candy all night long!!!"


HappyChyck said...

This is part of what I call "The Candy War." Although it is against the rules for students to eat in class, they think it is their God-given right to bring in the days preceding and following Halloween. Then they are just crazy all the time--not to mention rude when they leave their wrappers everywhere. Today wasn't too bad for me, but yesterday the Candy War got bad in one of my class. What a pain! I was being observed by my administrator, too!

NYC Educator said...

I've become very anti-sugar since I stopped eating its processed forms 4 years ago, losing 40 pounds in the process.

It's not doing a hell of a lot of good for our kids either, though I can't bring myself to impose my diet on my child. I do what I can, though.

Kat said...

Can you imagine if the solar system added a full moon to the candy war mix?!?!?!? You'd all be 6 feet under by now, I'm sure.

I think I should do a candy ban at work...these ladies here are off the walls as well. And, they're grown ups. And, least in age. LOL