Thursday, October 06, 2005

Lucky Seven

Tonight was parent/teacher conference night.

Basically the district sets aside a couple of evenings a year, from 4:30 - 7:30, and the parents can drop in and have conferences with their kiddos' teachers. Nice set up. The past two years I've had a lot of parents drop by, and granted, most of them are the parents of A students (any wonder why with involved parents like that), but occassionally you'll get a parent you really need to see.

This year we had seven parents.

Out of 125 kids.

Three were parents of perfect children. Two were parents of kids who could use some help. Two were parents of nutballs and I was glad to see them.

Still, how horribly, horribly sad, and telling, that out of 125 kids, seven had their parents show up. Are baseball playoffs more important that their children?

Apparently so.

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Miss Two said...

Um... from past experience your last two years were anomalies. At my old school the counselor had to threaten kids with a LAW stating that parents had to show up at the school at least twice a year to pick up grades or they could be arrested and the kids taken from the home.

And at that I still never met the parents of some of my emotionally problematic kids.

At least you can trace the problem to baseball.